Our Roan Antelope Breeding Project

Itemoga Wildlife is situated in the Waterberg Biosphere about 25km out of Vaalwater, Limpopo, and is breeding, amongst others, with rare game species like sable antelopes, roan antelopes, nyalas and buffalos, but also natural colour variants like the golden wildebeest and black impala. In our semi-extensive and extensive breeding programs our goal is to breed both beautiful, well balanced, but also robust animals that could also survive in the wild. We aim to create sustainable value and on the same time also have a positive effect on nature conservation. Itemoga Wildlife is fairly new in the market and we decided to start our breeding project by only including high quality animals into the gene pool of our breeding herds, but put special attention that those animals came from various different breeders in order to achieve a maximum of genetic diversity in the starting herds.